Firearms Appraisal Service - Antique Arms Appraiser

Antique arms dealer specializing in the valuation of antique rifles, pistols & shotguns.

Do you have an old family gun left to you by your father, uncle, grandfather or relative?

Do you have a family heirloom that you want to know more about?

Have you just found an old gun at the flea market or bought one online at auction, gun show, etc.?

Please return your firearm research service fee and email us some digital photographs of your firearm.

Our fee based firearms valuations service includes:

* Identification of the firearms manufacturer, distributor and/or model type (whereas possible);
* Estimate or authentication of the age;
* Current fair market value; and
* Purchase offer (valid for 10 days) if you decide to sell the firearm.

Note: Firearm appraisal service fees are individually priced per firearm. Quantity discounts are available for 5 or more consecutive guns per appraisal.

Sorrry, we do not make offers over the phone or email. Only in person

Why sell us your guns?

Most customers that sell us their guns are looking for a few things.

Selling guns can be stressful for some parties, they aren’t familiar with selling guns and for some reason have one or several to sell. We love to help make people more comfortable.

Customers don’t want to sell guns to just anyone. They want to know the firearms are going to safe buyers. With each firearm we purchase, we provide the you (the seller) written release of liability for the firearm. How's that for peace of mind?

People don’t want to sell a gun to one guy, then have to meet another guy somewhere else in a parking lot to sell another gun, over and over and deal with the hassle and random people from the internet. It’s guns. Most customers want to sell guns to someone they know is safe. We background check every single buyer.


- Early Percussion Models - $295
- Revolvers, Pistols & Handguns - $100
- Rifles - $100
- Shotguns - $100
- All Others - TBD