Weapons Masters - Firearms & Movie Props for TV, FILM & PRINT

Bray Armory is a full service Rockwall, Texas based weapons master that provides the entertainment industry with high quality studio weapons, theatrical props, weapons consulting, firearms training and onset armorer services (to resolve any issues as they might occur).

If you are looking for movie gun rentals and/or gun wrangler services, you will need to contact us and return your Services Agreement prior to your shoot. Firearms, weapons, permits, insurance riders and blank ammunition all need to be acquired or manufactured, and in place prior to any on-set work. "WE NEED IT TOMORROW", is atleast 100x more expensive , so plan accordingly!

Bray Armory is Dallas/Ft. Worth's only Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) Class III Gun Broker serving Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico and the world.

We receive thousands of inquires from individuals who are looking for a particular weapon or gun prop that they saw in some movie, television show, music video, etc....

Please DO NOT bother us because we DO NOT sell our movie prop guns to the general public and will not respond.

We DO NOT provide catalogs to the general public, amateur film buffs, students, etc. Bray Armory ONLY provides movie gun services for these type of entertainment industry professionals:

* Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) Gun Handlers or Professional Gun Wranglers,
* Licensed Pyrotechnicians, and
* Licensed Property Masters.

Movie industry inquires via E-mail permitted regarding schedules, prices and availability of movie props. However, you must identify your production Company's TIN in your first inquiry.

Movie Gun Services:

Battle Choregraphy & Armorer
Gun Handlers / Gun Wranglers
Law Enforcement Action Consulting
Live Fire Weapons Expert
Tactical Team Training & Consulting
Onset Technical Advisors
Weapons & Military Consulting
Weapons, Props & Military Vehicle Rental
Weapons Safety Expert
Weapons Training