NFA Trusts in Dallas, Texas

NFA Trusts Setup, Easy as 1-2-3 !
A properly-prepared gun trust has significant advantages for gun owners. It enables the use of NFA-regulated firearms and accessories among trustees, protects against potential future regulatory restrictions, and provides for the orderly transition of ownership upon death. It also tends to speed up the process for obtaining NFA items, eliminating the need for a Chief Law Enforcement Officer's signature, fingerprints cards, etc.

We priced our NFA Trusts at $129.99 - a fraction of the cost of typical gun trusts - to make it accessible to everyone. Reject the idea that a trust is a luxury item. In reality, it's a must-have for anyone looking to silence their firearm.

All NFA Trust sales are final.


TCLOESE & Agency ID (LEO only): No Charge
Texas Concealed Handgun License: $80/NFA item
Texas Drivers License: $100/NFA item